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About Us

Handloom is renowned for its unparalleled beauty and diversity

Anyone can be mesmerized by the texture and color of the most elaborate woven designs and needlework. Handlooom.com was launched to encourage the creation of high-quality items with unique designs to gain customers’ faith and confidence by focusing on defect-free, hand-woven, authentic niche products with zero defects and zero environmental effect. Handlooom.com was created as an assurance to the consumer that the goods they are purchasing are real hand-woven products, not one manufactured on a power loom or in a mill. 

Handlooom.com Has Been A Cornerstone Of Exquisite Fabric Textiles

We specialize in the production and export of handwoven Handloom items with an unwavering commitment to quality and fair pricing. Our major strength as a fabric business is integrating creative width into traditional handloom cloth patterns and designs. Our objective is to develop items that are exquisite yet useful, appealing to clients from all over the world. We take great care in selecting designs, yarns, and colors. We strive to exceed your expectations in terms of uniqueness, quality, and affordability, and we work hard to achieve this aim.

Our Foundation

We also manage a Trust called “Save Handloom.org” to promote the handloom sector’s rights and well-being in whatever manner we can. We collaborate to identify areas that require attention and provide the required inputs to develop and restore the handloom industry. We want to make the “Handmade in India” label premium merchandise, sell it in international markets, and raise the value chain. We will also provide process management to the handloom sector through design interventions, development, and diversification, skill development, technical support, change advocacy, and suggested reforms so that weavers can have better working conditions, visibility, and remuneration for their products, and a new generation can learn to weave.

We also collaborate with cooperative organizations that employ weavers and maintain a steady flow of work for them, and we’ve been entrusted with running a fair-trade business that preserves traditional skills and history. Our strategy is to act as a catalyst for the well-established cooperative society structure, identifying looms and petitioning the society for cash, resources, people, technical know-how, and a long-term plan to resurrect the industry.

How Our E-commerce Startup And Our Trust “Save Handloom” Are Helping Weavers & Artisans Across India To Become Micro-Entrepreneurs?

Handlooom.com associates with a number of handloom weaving societies across India and also sources products from Master Weavers and Self Help Groups.

How our ecommerce startup and our Trust “Save Handloom” are helping weavers & artisans across India to become micro-entrepreneurs?

We often do projects where we pre-order products from a master weaver or Individuals. Generally, these ground-level weavers & artisans don’t have money to use as working capital, hence they mostly work under traders and middlemen.

We recently did a project for Muslin fabric with Yarn Count of 250+. It is a 6.5 Mtr Muslin Jamdani fabric having a width of 46 inches. You can drape this fabric as a saree or you may hire a tailor and make dresses out of it. Here we invited the most experienced and most talented weavers & artisans from Bengal and pre-orders were made and we paid 50% of their payment in advance at the time of order placement and the rest 50% before delivery.

The 2nd part of the payment is the remuneration they earned. Getting that remuneration at once may get them some bulk amount so that they can kick-start their own venture. Generally, from middlemen or traders, they get remuneration in instalments hence that small amount went out for daily life needs. Our pre-orders helped them to get the amount in one shot so that they can use it as working capital. In this process, we are getting a most beautiful and soft muslin and we are also helping a group of muslin weavers to arrange working capital for an independent venture. In this project, the direct beneficiary was 10 weaver families that mean at least 50 people will be benefitted. We must know that in handloom whole family other than kids need to work to achieve a textile. Banks and other financial institutions never monetized them, our one step can monetize them to operate independently and achieve financial independence and they become micro-entrepreneurs.

You have the chance to contribute to the financial independence of some marginalized and neglected weavers & artisans of India by purchasing our products from Handlooom.com

Handlooom.com’s Mission

Handlooom.com strongly supports the initiative of the trust, whose mission is to encourage the handloom sector’s rights and well-being in every manner possible. Our ambition is to provide you with high-quality handloom items in both contemporary and traditional styles that are free of flaws and have no negative impact on the environment.

Handlooom.com’s Vision

Handlooom.com envisions building a unique, exclusive and eminent community of weavers, artisans, manufacturers, fashion artists, experts, followers, and customers under one roof. We wish to further cultivate original design keeping in mind the rural artisans and enabling the global audience to enrich their artisanal roots and live a handmade life.

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