Handlooom.com is a sustainable Fashion Brand which You Can Shop Confidently ! - Handlooom
Free shipping all over India.
Say no to Synthetic fibers. We use only natural fibers for all our handmade products.
One & Only brand in India which provides 1 year warranty for all handmade products for any manufacturing defects
All the handmade products comes in customized gift boxes which makes a perfect gift for your friends & family

Handlooom.com is a sustainable Fashion Brand which You Can Shop Confidently !

With so many so-called sustainable fashion brands and eco-conscious lines popping up in stores and on our feeds these days, it’s not always clear who’s actually doing the work and who’s just enjoying the halo effect of being socially and environmentally responsible. The fact of the matter is, fashion has a massive waste problem and companies can’t simply become sustainable overnight.Sourcing organic or innovative materials requires a far greater investment than the cheap textiles that make up the majority of our clothing today, and it takes years of planning to build responsible supply chains that have a low environmental impact.

For you consumers, it’s easy to fall for green-washing marketing tactics—with brands using fluffy jargon and misleading images, or hyper-focusing on one “green” business practice (while conveniently disregarding everything else)—especially if these messages are coming from a retailer or designer you love and regularly shop. But we need to clean up our act as much as your favorite labels do, and you can do your part to propel the industry forward by educating yourself and supporting the companies like ours striving to do better.

The fiber content deserves a deeper look—and we encourages shoppers to look out for the materials brands are using in their clothes. As a general rule, the simpler the fiber content, the better, so keep an eye out for natural, organic materials that use less water and don’t include pesticides or microplastics. Wool, silk, flax, hemp, linen, okra, and bamboo are all great alternatives to clothes made from non-biodegradable materials like polyester and nylon. They are dangerous to us from health point of view as well as from environmental point of view too.

People should keep an eagle eye on brands’ involvement in the sustainability movement. Is it a one-off thing, or do they have long-term goals laid out? If they seem to be in it for the long haul, try to find out what exactly they’re trying to achieve in the space (think minimizing waste, regenerative farming, or reducing emissions)—and see how honest in their journey they are. Being transparent and putting information in the public domain through impact reports is key to accountability.


Another way to find out whether a brand is genuinely taking a 360-degree approach to sustainability is to see if it’s talking economic sustainability as well—through fair, livable wages for all of its employees.Garment workers like weavers and artisans are some of the most underpaid professionals around the world, so a brand’s vetting of its contractors and subcontractors won’t just help create more sustainable practices across the board, it’ll also further eliminate sweatshops, child labor, and unsafe working conditions for the people who produce the clothes you’re wearing right now.Our trust “SaveHandloom.org” makes sure that all our workers are paid well and they get job round the year, so that they can lead a good & peaceful life like all others.


There are many certifications out there for materials and India Govt gives certifications like Handloom mark and silk mark which makes sure that the clothes are genuine. Our most of the products are having handloom mark and our silk material products have silk mark. Moreover we are the only brand in India who provides 1 year warranty for all our handloom.com branded handmade products. If you have noticed any issues in our products, you can return it and get full refund anytime during the first year of purchase.

The road to sustainability is a long one—and so much more needs to be done for the fashion industry to disentangle itself from wasteful practices. But consumers can demand change by reassessing their own consumption and shopping more consciously. So, we welcome you all to try our branded handmade products and feel the difference. You can purchase our products from our website handlooom.com and also from all major marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, JioMart etc. Also, you can visit our showroom in Bangalore to know more about us.

Small-batch production, timeless design, azo-free low-impact dyes, and fabric off-cuts are a few steps Handlooom.com takes to help achieve its sustainability goals. Our team is based out of Bangalore, India. Here we work with local artisans across India to produce our ethereal dresses. Thoughtfulness is key to Handloom.com: Our garments are shipped in reusable corrugated gift boxes and carbon offsetting is used to make the delivery footprint carbon neutral. So, we request all the consumers to try us once and have a different experience from other brands which you have tried using till now.

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