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Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About The Indian Sari

Sari, also spelled saree, principal outer garment of women of the Indian subcontinent, consisting of a piece of often brightly coloured, frequently embroidered, silk, cotton, or, in recent years, synthetic cloth five to seven yards long.

1. It’s Not Just Indian

While it’s very popular in India, and that’s the first association most people have – it’s not limited to one country. Sari is a traditional garment that’s worn in many countries including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

2. What Is a Sari

Sari, also spelled Saree is traditionally known to be a long handwoven cloth that’s unstitched and made of natural materials that is worn by expertly wrapping it around the body. The most common length of the cloth is around 3 meters, but it can be shorter or longer depending on how to intend to drape it and what style you like more. Traditionally the ends of the cloth would be woven in a way to be heavier so that it falls correctly when you wear it. Modern Saris however don’t always have these heavier elements and not all of them are handwoven, in fact most women these days wear completely synthetic Saris.

3. There’s a 100 Ways To Wear It

Since a Sari is a just a long piece of fabric you can literally wear it however you want. Apparently there’s about one hundred variations on how you can wear it. There’s no set way to drape it that’s universally correct. Everything depends of the end result that you want to achieve and the look that you’re going for. Traditionally it was meant to be worn on its own, without any fastenings, these days girls like to secure it in places with pins to make their life easier and many wear it with a blouse underneath or a petticoat, even though it’s totally fine to wear a Sari on its own.

4. It Doesn’t Have To Be Fancy

A lot of people, especially those who know very little about the Sari think that it’s a traditional garment that’s meant to be worn only on special occasions like religious holidays or wedding and birthdays. But that’s simply not true. It can be worn every single day, and many women do so. In fact women who wear Sari generally tend to have many kinds, comfy and simple ones to wear at home, some casual ones for everyday wear and some special fancy embellished ones for special occasions.

5. Where The Word Sari Came From

These days everyone calls this traditional garment Sari or Saree. But actually it wasn’t always called like that. The modern word Saree is in fact an anglicized version of Sadi which comes from Prakrit language. And even before that it and originated from Sanskrit word Sati, which means “a strip of cloth”. While we’re on the topic of the origin, it’s important to mention that Saris are centuries old, and the first statues that depict women wearing Saris date back to 100 BC.

6. Colors And Designs Have Meaning

While you can definitely wear any Sari that you like, traditionally every color had a meaning and every design had a meaning too. For example white traditionally was associated with purity and worn for religious events, and also it’s traditionally considered to be a mourning color so it’s worn to funerals. Red is traditionally associated with good things, prosperity and fertility so it’s common to wear it for weddings. Parrots in design traditionally were associated with romance and passion. Elephants are symbols of wealth, royalty and fertility too.

You can also make your own designer Saree ! brings to you the option of styling your very own saree that’s got all the smallest of details made according to your specifications. Material, color, design, style, with the blouse, without a blouse.

How It Works

The minimum order quantity is 1 saree and also if you order 10 sarees, the price will be less compared to the single saree or any number of sarees below 10.Also, if you order more than 1 saree, whether it is 5 sarees or 10 sarees or 100 sarees, without any additional cost, you can change the saree’s body colors. We can change the weft color of each saree to your choice of colors.

For eg: If you order 5 sarees, without any additional cost, you can have 5 different color sarees with the same design. “

This works for companies or any organizations, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc. where they follow uniform saris. Not only are they helping our weavers and artisans, but also promoting sustainability for a Better World! In addition to this, the staff will have a luxurious and comfortable saree that is made of natural fibers and doesn’t harm their health in any way.

You Style It

Add a specific design to your saree or change the blouse style; whether you like to choose from rich silk or cool cotton fabrics – We’ve got it all! Choose from a wide selection of attributes to make it personal.

If you are confused about which design to go for or which pattern to select, then refer to the below images of India’s famous Actresses and Politicians in Handloom sarees and let us know whether you want any of these designer sarees. You can ask for color changes or some tweak to these sarees as per you need. We will make you happy by weaving a saree selected by you of your favorite actress or your favorite politician and deliver you in time.

We Make It

Once you’ve decided on your style and choice of saree, you can sit back and relax. Our team gets down to making your customized saree to your desired specifications.

We Dispatch & Deliver

We take a lot of care to make sure you get your customized saree just the way you want it. Therefore, our dispatch time for your selection is for a minimum of 10 saris may take from 30 days to a maximum of 90 days for bulk orders of more than 100 saris. This delay is for us to weave it from scratch. Don’t worry. We’ll email you updates along the way!

*There is No COD option available for customized sarees. 50% of the cost of the saree you have to pay in advance for procuring raw materials. Once the saree is finished weaving and ready to go, we will let you know by email and you can make the remaining payment. Once full payment is completed, we will be dispatching it to you.

All these handmade sarees will be coming with the Govt of India, Ministry of Textiles provided “Handloom Mark” which serve as a guarantee for our customers that the product being purchased is genuinely hand woven from India.

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